1065 – 14Kt. White Gold 26.2 with All Diamonds and 14Kt. Yellow Gold Diamond Shaped Background

14Kt. white gold 26.2 diamond pendant with yellow gold diamond shaped background. The 26.2 is 14Kt. white gold and is completely inlaid with diamonds. These diamonds are all VS-2 in clarity and are G-H in colour and are well cut. This pendant measures 3/4 inch (18mm) x 3/4 inch (18mm). Height does not include the loop. These diamonds have an excellent cut which means that it has a great deal of sparkle. These diamonds are micro pave set, which means that they are set under a microscope to give a perfect setting job. This makes the pendant look perfect. This pendant measures 1 inch wide and over 1/2 inch high, or 23mm wide x 16mm high. This pendant is by far the highest quality on the market. There is nothing comparable to the workmanship on this pendant. It is that good!